Fight City Fitness - Class Descriptions

8 Limbs [Bag Class]

8 Limbs Bag Classes help you develop technique and power while giving you a workout like no other. Using Muay Thai kicks, knees, elbows and combing them with Boxing Combinations you will receive a workout that will truly bring you to the next level of fitness.
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Muay Thai [Fundamentals & Intermediate Levels]

Muay Thai Skills & Drills classes teach our unique striking system. This system was developed through years of competition and international training experience. It combines traditional Muay Thai kicks, knees, elbows, and clinch, with Western Boxing and Dutch Style hand and leg combinations, our program offers a great blend of three effective stand up disciplines.
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Muay Thai [Competition Team Training]

Competition Team Training where the most decorated Muay Thai Team In Bermuda sharpens their skills for upcoming competition events.

Competitions include:
TBA-SA World Muay Thai Classic
Tournament of Champions
Warrior's Cup
Epic Fight Night
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